How to Tune a Guitar to A440

In most situations, you want to tune a guitar to A440.  If you don’t know what A440 is, here’s a link to a Wikipedia page to learn the history of how this became an international standard for tuning instruments.

What does A440 Mean?

A440 refers to the 440 Hertz frequency designated as the note A.

In pitch notation,  A440 is called A4, which is the A above middle C on Piano.  But you may not know where A4 is on guitar.  You can’t really tell by the way it’s written in guitar music notation either!

Guitar notation uses the treble clef, just like the piano does for the higher notes. If you ask a piano player where it is located, they may know that it is the A above middle C. But the issue with guitar is that notation is played an octave lower than it is written.

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So Where is A440 on Guitar?

Find out how to play A440 on guitar, how to write it in guitar notation, and how to tune a guitar to A440. Everything is revealed in the video below.

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Don’t you feel like you would use the A220 on the guitar if you would like to match its sound with the pure 440? (the pure one I mean, not against a fork that would have a bunch of harmonics as well) Like every note played is actually heard one octave higher, which would totally justify the writing on music sheets… I have the feeling I am the only one that ever noticed that, no way to find any info on this phenomenon…

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