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Guitar in Real Time Books

Get the beginner’s guitar book: Guitar in Real Time Level 1

Beginner’s book
Move up to the next level
Learn more and play performance level pieces

Fingerpicking Beatles (Hal Leonard) Book Review

This video features 9 of the songs played from this book. Listen and make up your own mind whether it’s for you.

Fingerpicking Beatles Hal Leonard Guitar Book Review

Get the Fingerpicking Beatles Book Here

50 Easy Classical Guitar Solos (Jerry Willard) – Book Review

This video lets you hear several samples from Jerry Willard’s 50 Easy Classical Guitar Solos. The 50 solos are ordered by difficulty level. Listen to excerpts played from the beginning, middle, and toward the end of the book.

Book Review: Fifty Easy Classical Guitar Solos

Get the 50 Classical Guitar Solos book here

Christopher Parkening Guitar Method, Vol. 1

The Art & Technique of the Classical Guitar

Watch video reviews and music samples from these two excellent method books for classical guitar.

Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol.1 Music Examples & Review

Christopher Parkening Guitar Method, Vol. 2

Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol.2 – Bach Prelude Music Sample

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol.1

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol.2

Watch a duet featured in the Parkening Volume 2 book.

Georg Phillip Telemann’s Canon Guitar Duet from Vol.2 of The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method

Jazz Guitar Book

Checkout a Chord Analysis Video HERE. Find out how this rootless chord is named. It’s taken from the book, Mickey Baker’s Complete Course in Jazz Guitar. You can watch the review on this page.