Guitar Scales – Standard Notation

C Major Scale on Guitar

Guitar Scale C-MAJOR Standard Notation

Guitar scales in standard notation are standard learning if you take formal guitar lessons. Here’s a video of how to play the C Major Scale on guitar in 1st position.  This is a good first scale to learn. Since the key of C Major has only natural notes, you’ll learn all of the natural notes first.  

Become fluent with this scale and memorize all of the notes – they will serve you well.  Even better, memorize the staff notes so that you can read music and play the notes on guitar. Get the FREE download for this scale below.

Once you learn all of the natural notes, it’s relatively easy to understand that the notes in between are either sharp or flat notes.

One of the advantages to learning standard notation is that you’ll be able to read music written for other instruments and play it on guitar. Not only that, but there is a wealth of music written for guitar that is ONLY available in standard notation.

This is the 1st scale from the book, Guitar in Real Time: Level One (2nd Edition). Download and print the FREE page to play along with below.

FREE BOOK PAGE – C Major & A Natural Minor Scales (pdf)

Guitar in Real Time: Level One (2nd Edition) – Paperback edition of Guitar in Real Time: Level 1  – guitar scales standard notation is an important part of this comprehensive approach to learning guitar. Learn music reading, chords, scales and theory, as well as good technique.

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The Easy Way to Learn Standard Notation on Guitar

If you ‘re new to reading guitar scales and Standard Notation, a great way to learn is to use Flash Cards. Download FREE sheets to make your own or get links to some already made on this page.