Guitar Music Note Flash Cards

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Free pdf guitar music note flash cards

Free pdf guitar music note flash cards
Test yourself or your students with these treble clef note images. Note names are on the back if you print both sides.

guitar music note flash card description

Free pdf guitar music note flash cards can be printed on treble clef music notation flash cards for all natural notes up to the 5th fret.

Print double sided on thick paper, or print images on separate sheets then glue onto flash card blanks.


How to Use Guitar Note Flash Cards

After creating and cutting out the individual cards and opposite side descriptions:

  1. Select the cards for the notes that you or your student will practice.
  2. Shuffle and stack the cards with only the top one showing
  3. Play the note on guitar and name the note
  4. Check the back of the card if required, to confirm that the answer is correct.
  5. Go to the next card and repeat from step 3

Flash cards are a great way to learn guitar notes and for the early stages of music reading either for yourself or for teachers to use as part of lesson time. Make up your own set from the pdf file on this page, or buy printed cars below.

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