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Young woman playing guitar
Young woman playing guitar

Buying for musicians isn’t always easy, but some things are are a safe bet. Get some ideas below.

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Get a unique wooden desk clock. THIS PAGE.

Steinberg UR22 MkII USB Audio Interface for Recording Music to PC or Mac

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Every musician should have a way of recording to a computer. If you want to record high quality sound from microphones, electric guitars, keyboards or other inputs, you need a digital audio interface (DAI) to turn a PC/Mac into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Click to see the Steinberg UR22 MkII – reviewed in the video

The unit reviewed below comes with a light version of DAW software called Cubase, for both PC and Mac, as well as Cubasis for iPad. Of course the interface can be used with other DAW software too. Strengths of this product are its quality pre-amps, versatility and simplicity.

Checkout this Mixcraft Studio Pro DAW software – it works flawlessly with the Steinberg unit.

Although it may come with CD/DVD (remember those!), you can download the official latest drivers and software versions from . But beware: DON’T go to the .com site because this is not Steinberg manufacturer’s site and last time I checked it was not secure!

Product keys for the included software are printed on the installation disks.

Watch this review to see the UR22 in action and see it compared with the M-Audio ProFire 610.

Consider another similar interface with great reviews, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen)

Make great recordings with this Quality, Inexpensive, easy to use Recording Interface

Monitor arm for the Studio

These monitor arms are great to put a desktop monitor in various positions for recording music and videos.

In my experience, these monitor stands are awesome. And an unexpected benefit is that they also free up a lot of desk space.

Here’s a link to an ErGear monitor arm on Amazon.

Wireless Guitar System – use in place of cables

Ammoon Wireless Guitar System – 300ft Range

We take for granted that many things are now wireless. Now we can also experience the same convenience with affordable wireless systems that can take the place of guitar cables. Watch this review of one system below.

Ammoon Wireless Guitar System – 6 channel

See the actual amount of measured lag and a demo of this wireless guitar system.

Hotec Wireless Guitar – 5 Built-in effects

Getaria Wireless Charging System

Here’s Some Cool Stuff For Anyone

Rocket Books

The pen and notepad haven’t changed much for a long time, until now! Meet Rocket Books. The thick pages in these books let you write with the special erasable ball pens, photograph your notes pages using a special phone app. Files are automatically stored in a folder that you select by circling a symbol on each page. Once your book is full, put it in the microwave to erase all pages then reuse it.

Checkout Rocket Books here.

LOOPER PEDAL: DigiTech JamMan SoloXT Part 1 Video

Get the Digitech JamMan Solo XT here.

As you can see in this video, the Digitech JamMan looper pedal can be used with any type of instrument that has an output, even voice if you have a microphone. Not all acoustic guitars have this feature though, so be aware of that if buying for someone else! You also need some kind of an amplifier to plug this into.

LOOPER PEDAL: DigiTech JamMan SoloXT Part 2 Video

Recommended Classical Guitar Methods

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol.1

Not all guitar methods are equal. Here’s a classical guitar method that’s featured in the video above and it’s a good one! The DigiTech JamMan videos on this page feature duets from this book.

The Christopher Parkening Guitar Method Vol. 2

Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

Compare Bluetooth Transmitter/Receivers on Amazon.

Use older equipment that doesn’t have Bluetooth with other equipment that does. Bluetooth is a feature that we take for granted on their smartphones these days. Watch the video to find uses for this very cool gadget. Even if you are NOT a musician you may enjoy this too.

Blank Music Books With Page Numbers

Composer’s Manuscript Books with Page Numbers and Contents Pages

Get something unique =>>> tabulated (TAB paper) or standard 5-line music notation with page numbers! These special musicians notebooks have contents pages as well as page numbers to help you keep track of where your music notes are.

Blank Guitar TAB and other Page Numbered Blank Books for Those who Play on 6-strings

Checkout the books available for various 4 and 6 stringed instruments. You’ll find the same numbered pages and Contents Pages.

TAB Books for Bass Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin and other 4-Stringed Fretted Instruments

Guitar Strings – What Every Guitarist Needs

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links’. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

For a small gift, something that every guitarist needs are guitar string. But watch out!

Strings are something very personal to guitar players and NOT a safe bet. If you don’t know what the person wants then there are literally hundreds of options for strings. However, if you are a fellow guitar player and you know something about the person, you may be interested in this post on pure nickel blues guitar strings.