Guitar Pro Tutorials and Downloads


Watch Guitar-Pro tutorials and download FREE Guitar Pro files below for examples and exercises featured on the guitarbasement YouTube channel. Checkout a review of new features in Guitar Pro 8 here.

Guitar-Pro VS. TuxGuitar

Compare important features of these two popular TAB/Notation programs.

TuxGuitar is a nice FREE program – so why buy Guitar Pro?

The Speed Trainer Tutorial

Guitar Pro is a multi-track editor capable of writing and playing back parts for guitar, bass, drums and other instruments, in both TAB and Standard Notation. It has been around for many years and established a strong reputation as an easy to use and full featured TAB and music notation editor. You’ll find 100’s of Guitar-Pro files for free on the web that you can download and load into the software. After you load a file, you can isolate one of the parts, say bass or guitar and use one of the most useful features in the software called the speed trainer. Watch the Guitar Pro tutorial on how to use the Speed-Trainer in the video below.

How to use Guitar-Pro Speed-Trainer for Practice

Click the following link to get the zipped Guitar-Pro file used in the video above: BACHING-AROUND. With this file that’s used in a tutorial, play through melodies in every key. The tutorial goes through 12 keys in open position on guitar following the circle of fourths. Watch the video and also get the pdf file for the exercise here:


Write Standard Notation in Guitar-Pro

Guitar-Pro tutorial on writing Standard Notation

GET GUITAR PRO FREE FOR 7 DAYS  Once your trial ends and you decide to buy it, you can run it on up to 5 devices, including Windows and Mac and it’s a great program.  Get your FREE TRIAL here.

NOT able to buy right now? There’s a FREE software program that can read, play and modify Guitar Pro files.  It doesn’t do Standard Notation as well as GP and it’s not anywhere near the same level, but it’s still a great FREE program called  Tux Guitar. 

Heard about Segovia Scales?

You can learn some Segovia Scales here. Here’s a FREE Guitar Pro file for the A-minor Segovia Scale: A-MINOR SEGOVIA SCALE GUITAR PRO FILE