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50 Easy Classical Guitar Solos Video

Jerry Willard’s book “Fifty Easy Classical Guitar Solos” is a collection of easy classical guitar compositions. The solos are presented in order of difficulty. Listen to the first 10 pieces in the video below.

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50 Easy Classical Guitar Solos – 1 through 10

Solos played in the video are part of a new course. The first course is now available on Skillshare. Check it out with this link It’s also available on Udemy below

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How to Hold Classical Guitar

One of the most important things when starting to play, is how to hold Classical Guitar. Classical Guitar typically involves more complex and precise string manipulation than other genres. Putting yourself in the best position to be in command of the instrument is essential. Watch the video below that is part of a new course available on Skillshare, and soon to be available on Udemy.

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