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The First Noel Guitar Solo

Christmas candle creating some atmosphere for singing The First Noel
Christmas Candle

Learn to play The First Noel Guitar Solo. Download the FREE TAB/Notation sheet and listen to the mp3 track below. Then subscribe to the Guitarbasement YouTube channel to be informed when the tutorial is available.

According to Webster’s dictionary, Noel means Christmas Song. There are numerous recordings and arrangements of this song and for good reason. It’s a great song.

If you play a little fingerstyle you should be able to play this. You can even play this as a beginner. But if after watching, you still find this hard, try playing just the melody. Or this would also work nicely if you play it together with another person.

Files for The First Noel

The First Noel Audio Track

Early Beginners’ Guide to The First Noel Guitar Solo

The easiest way to play this is to play all of the top notes, leaving out the bass notes. If you are a beginner learning to read notation, the higher notes in the chorus will probably be unfamiliar to you. Simply follow the TAB notation to locate the high notes.

Watch how this is played then watch the tutorial for playing tips

Beginner & Intermediate Players’ Guide

Although this Christmas song arrangement has some complexity to it, there are no bar chords required to play it. The places where you may have most difficulty are holding down accompaniment notes while playing melody. Watch the video for playing tips.

Whether you play this on Acoustic, Classical or even electric guitar, let the melody stand out. This is especially important when you are playing solo guitar.

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