Guitar Sleep Music

Try some Guitar Sleep Music to help you take a power nap. I don’t know about you, but I often loose energy in late afternoon. Of course you can fight through it and keep going, but certainly for me, I can concentrate better after taking a power nap.

The video down below can help you take a 21 minute power nap and wake you up refreshed with some more lively acoustic guitar. Give it a try.

The first video is an explanation of why I decided to do this. Of course this is a first attempt and your comments, either positive or negative, will be valuable to understand how this works in reality.

In my case, I really DID fall asleep 3 times while editing this. Making sleepy music isn’t easy! If it works for you, I’ll be glad to know.

I’ll also be interested to hear the quality of sleep that you are able to have with this. How does it make you feel?

All good questions to help me improve if I decide to do more of these. Leave a comment in the video or down below and sleep well!

Why Make Guitar Sleep Music?

This first video explains my motivation to even bother doing this. Check it out.

21 Minutes of Sleep Music With Alarm

Try a 21 minute power nap and restore your power of concentration. No ads will play during the music and at the end there is a gentle but lively acoustic guitar to wake you up.

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