Educational Music Scores and TAB

TAB from MIDI with MuseScore

Want to know how to create Guitar or Bass TAB from MIDI? Do it with MuseScore on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. See the video below for an example of how this works.

Guitar and TAB Notation displayed in MuseScore
Guitar and TAB Notation in MuseScore

If you don’t already have MuseScore, click here to download a FREE copy. Next, fire up the program and open any MIDI file to instantly create a music score of the file.

Convert Staff Notation to TAB

By default, MuseScore displays instruments in standard staff notation. Change the standard notation to tabulated (TAB) notation in the “Instruments” window. Simply press the “i” key on your keyboard to open the Instruments window. You’ll find the TAB options are on the far right of the window.

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What Else Can You do in MuseScore?

MuseScore is a FREE composition and notation software that is surprisingly powerful and robust. With it you can open any MIDI file and modify the notes.

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Watch the video below to see how a file from ChordPulse is opened in MuseScore. You’ll see how it instantly creates a multi-line score that can be edited.

Watch the TAB From MuseScore Video

The video shows how a chord progression is turned into a MIDI file in a program called ChordPulse. (Learn more about ChordPulse here).

The MIDI file is then opened in MuseScore to display it in a multi-line score. The score can then be edited freely.

Numbered TAB Pages with Content Pages
Check out this really useful 6-String TAB book that has PAGE NUMBERS as well as CONTENTS pages. Keep your hand written TAB organized.

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