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Play the Segovia Scales for 30 Days

Man possibly playing the Segovia Scales.

Try playing Segovia Scales for 30 days and experience improved finger independence, strength and agility. Long established by Andres Segovia to develop good classical guitar technique, these scales can benefit players of any style.

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Good Goals Help you Benefit From Playing Segovia Scales

When you play the Segovia scales it’s important to have appropriate goals. If you are playing them for the first time, it may be best to just focus on just one scale in the beginning.

Because each scale involves playing two or three octaves and changing position on the neck several times, it’s likely that you will want to spend time on practicing these moves.

Try some of these suggested goals while playing Segovia Scales:

  • Try to achieve consistent tone throughout the whole scale
  • Play efficiently minimizing hand movements
  • Use a metronome to practice good timing at various tempos
  • Track your daily progress using a metronome while maintaining good consistent tone
  • Maintain good posture and be conscious of unnecessary tension in shoulders, arms and hands and face
  • Record a video of your progress then play it back to check your posture, efficiency and tone
  • Use the scales to improvise, play around and have fun

If you have any more suggestions, post a message below!

  • Play all major, melodic minor & natural minor scales in 12 keys, without reading music

  • Build muscle memory faster

  • Visualize and compare scale patterns

My 30 Day Goals

Since making the YouTube video I am breaking down my list of areas that I want to focus on into smaller goals. Rather than simply practicing scales end to end, my focus is on specific moves, perhaps only playing a particular octave.

Try this too so that you can spend more time focusing on areas that need most attention. Some of my goals are related to those listed above but focusing in on specific areas.

History of Segovia Scales

Checkout this interesting article for information about the history of the Segovia Scales and ANDRÉS SEGOVIA’S UNFINISHED GUITAR METHOD.

More Useful Information

Take a look at this previous page that has other video links related to the Segovia Scales.

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