How to Play Guitar Bar Chords

Every guitarist remembers the challenges of learning how to play guitar bar chords and to be honest, I still prefer NOT to use them if I have a choice!

But playing Bar Chords on guitar is an essential skill that opens up a world of possibilities on guitar. If you can’t play bar chords already you MUST develop this essential skill.

Playing a Bar Chord on Guitar
Playing a Bar Chord on Guitar

Yep, I did say develop! Barring notes is a skill that doesn’t happen overnight, unless perhaps you are an exceptional person. Most of us though, need to spend time to develop these skills.

Get a Course to Develop Your Bar Chord Skills

The good news is that now you can get a course on HOW TO PLAY GUITAR BAR CHORDS. If you want to learn, or improve, your bar chords then follow a plan that will guide you to build these skills.

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Below is a link to the preview of this course posted on YouTube. Check it out.

Here is a preview of the course on bar chords

Finally, Udemy approved the course and it’s LIVE here. But WAIT! I really put my heart into making the course and can almost guarantee that it will help you if you put in the time.

Please follow the exercises, put in that time and see the benefits. If you like the course, kindly add you’re rating on Udemy. Also follow this link and consider taking some of my other courses. Good luck to you!

Other Interesting Chord Stuff

If you are already moving forward in developing your bar chord skills see another interesting post on this site. Go here for Guitar Bar Chord Charts. There you can watch an interesting video and download chord charts for the video too.

Do you need printable pdf files for guitar chord sheets? Get them here. On that page you’ll also see a handy sized page-numbered book that you can use to keep all of your chord notes.

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