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Guitar Fingerstyle Technique: Accents

Fingerstyle Guitar being played

One of the most effective techniques for a fingerstyle player to develop is the use of accents. Accented notes are played stronger to make them stand out from the other notes.

Accented notes can bring out a melody, or they can create a particular rhythmic feel. The video on this page illustrates both of these concepts in one music piece. See how the accented notes become like a melody, but also serve to create a rhythmic feel.

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Fingerstyle Ukulele – or Guitar!

Although the video below shows an accented fingerstle pattern played on Ukulele, you can actually play this on the first four strings of a guitar. Simply attach a Capo across the 5th fret to be in the same pitch as the Ukulele. The only difference will be that the 4th string of the guitar will be an octave lower than the Uke.

The important thing is to understand the concept ot using accents. Once you understand, try creating your own fingerstyle patterns and use accents to add some character to your playing.

Ukulele Fingerstyle Tutorial – Kaladoba

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