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Gospel Guitar Chords

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Play inspired gospel guitar chords

What does, “Gospel Guitar Chords” mean? Before answering that, let’s try and find out about the term Gospel music.

According to this Wikipedia article, Gospel music is a genre of Christian music. The same article goes on to say that, the most famous variant is “black gospel.”

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Black gospel music often has very rich harmonies. So, with that short background information, let’s define Gospel Guitar Chords as Chords that have rich harmonies.

Gospel Verses Contemporary Chords

In contrast, contemporary Christian music often has very simple harmonies and chords. Watch the video below to see how a contemporary Christian song can be “gospelized” by use of re-harmonization techniques.

Free PDF for Chords

Get the FREE PDF file that includes TAB notation for the re-harmonized chords used in the video here.

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