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New! Want to learn music reading for guitar?  Get this 4-hour Guitar Course on Udemy at a special rate (Coupon code is embedded - click to reveal price): Learn Fingerstyle Guitar Read Music Complete Level-1 Course

Guitar Fretboard Secrets on Udemy

Easily remember every note on the guitar fretboard to find notes, chords and scales and be creative in any position.
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Video Course Reviews from Students:

” Great, fast-moving course with tons of info and tips presented in a fun, engaging way. You can tell John really enjoys teaching and is very knowledgeable. His teaching style is very inviting, friendly, and warm. Course moves logically from one topic to another building on information already presented and (hopefully) learned. Much much more than tips for learning the fretboard! Highly recommended! ” Will O

” I didn’t managed to learn the notes on fretboard untill i took this course!! this helps a lot. It is the easiest way highly logical to make you understand how the fretboard works. ” Stavros K

“I’ve play[ed] guitar chords for years but I never known its fretboard before. This course help me understand my guitar a lot. First half of the course let me know some basic music theory and knowing notes in the fretboard. Instructor tricks to remember notes is great.” Somphot T

Beginner’s Guitar Crash Course on Udemy

Learn guitar from scratch in easy steps to fit your schedule. Coupon link

Video Course Reviews from Students:

“Very clear explanations.” Brian F

“Clear and distinct easy appliable lesson.” Allan S

‘The Teacher is very friendly , he spokes very clearly. He is extremely cohesive. I’m positive I can learn to play under his instruction.” David D

Learn Fingerstyle Guitar (& Read Music) in Real Time

Master Fingerstyle Guitar while you learn to read music – for beginners, or self-taught guitarists who want to read. Link to FREE Udemy course